Book Fair

The Book Fair Warehouse will is currently not open to donations

The Symphony Book Fair warehouse on Oak Street (which we rent) has been up for sale and we have been scouting new locations. The sale is now imminent and we will not be able to accept further donations until we find a new home.

We need a small warehouse-like building of 2000 square feet that can accommodate a forklift truck about once a year. If you know of anything that might be suitable, please contact us at 504-432-8906.

Thank you all for your donations and support over the past year.

All proceeds from donations will benefit the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Our big annual Book Fair sale at the UNO Arena Book Fair in October has been cancelled due to the continuing health crisis and crowd restrictions. As soon we set a new Book Fair date for 2021, we will inform you. Please check back for updates.