LPO Volunteers

Dedicated to service and support for the
Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Immediate Past President’s Membership Letter, May 2023

Barbara Sands wraps up the year with a final report and hands the gavel to Amy Ferguson.

Dear LPO Volunteers,

My two years as your president came to an end yesterday at Le Soirée des Adieux, the final meeting of the year.  I was pleased to welcome Amy Ferguson, who has been a longtime supporter and former president of LPO Volunteers, as the next president.  Please give her the support that you provided for me.

Through the efforts of so many, but specifically Melissa Gordon, Chairman and Jennifer Fonseca manager, staff, and volunteers of the Encore Shop, Janet Blohowiak, Chairman and volunteers of Book Fair, Bob Lewis, Chairman of the Bucket Brigade and the “bucketeers”, and Charlotte Lewis, Donna Howland and Betty Speyrer, Chairmen of Suite Sundays, we were able to donate $140,000 to the orchestra for this fiscal year.  Gratefully, many of you also were involved in making this contribution possible.  Kudos goes to the Encore Shop that contributed $95,000 to the final donation.

Please continue to support the Volunteers by renewing your membership and becoming as active as you can.  Also, I cannot encourage you enough to subscribe to or attend the concerts of the LPO, Happy Hours, or Open Rehearsals that the orchestra provides for the community’s enjoyment. There is something for everyone!

Again, thank you for being there for me and for giving me a beautiful music-themed and hand-blown glass reminder of the special two years in my life.

Barbara Sands, 
Immediate Past President