Special Things on Sale

Fabulous Finds – These rare or unusual titles will be for sale at the June 2018 sale at wholesale prices

Author Title
Jerusalem Bible
Pictorial History of the 69th Infantry Division
Thrilling Adventures of Famous Sailors
Beatles Please Please Me (CD)
Beck and Linscott Crucible, Forging Saint Africa’s Future
Burgess Adventures of Mr. Mocker
Byron, Lord Don Juan, 1829 edition
Cellini Life of Benvenuto Cellini, 2 vols
Chandler, Joel Uncle Rebus
Codman La Leopolda
Collier, Payne Poetical Decameron
Cook Consecrated Ground: Funerary Art of New Orleans
Craig, Teruko Autobiography of Shibusawa Eiichi
Dalton How to Swim
Darwin Origin of Species
De Hoyos Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor & Guide
Dieulafait Diamonds of Precious Stones
Dieulafait Marvels of Nature: Diamonds and Precious Stones
Dodge, Mary Mapes Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates
Eames, Penelope Medieval Furniture
Feuctwanger Popular Treatise on Gems
Garrison, Jim Heritage of Stone
Garrison, Jim Star Spangled Contract
Govan, Christine Noble Narcissus an’ de Chillun
Grau, Shirley Ann Keepers of the House
Hall Book of Hand-Woven Coverlets
Hitler, Adolf Mein Kampf
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki Unmasking
Hogue, Charles Latin American Insects and Entomology
Jones, William Finger-Ring Lore
Jones, William Treasures of the Earth
Jung Red Book
Krut Barack Obama 44th president
Kunz Curious Lore of Precious Stones
La Cour New Orleans Masquerade
Marx, Groucho Beds
Mitchell, Theodore Bees of the Eastern United States
Moak Mabie in America
North, Sterling Abe Lincoln
Nott Chinese Jade
Orpen, Mrs. Goddard Stories of Famous Precious Stones
Percy, Walker Last Gentleman
Pugin Ornaments of the 15th & 16th centuries
Shiras Hunting Wild Life with Camera and Flashlight, 2 vols
Taveras Diagnositic Neuro-Radiology
Thompson, Kate Eloise in Paris
Trollope, Anthony The Warden
Whiteside, Mary Bill Possum: His Book
Woods, Watts & Anderson Literature of England, vol 2
Yeates & Wegmann Evolutionary Biology of Flies
Young, Perry The Mistick Krewe