Special Things on Sale

These items will be on sale at the 2019 sale.  Check back as we continue to add to the list.  

Music & Miscellaneous  – In the Fabulous Finds section

Mickey Mouse in King Arthur’s Court (1935 Popup!)

Sets – Some interesting complete Sets

Collection of 23 books by Harry Turtledove includes 5 complete sets of his series:
Collection of 32 ELECTRIC ENGINEERING BOOKS; 1930’s; International Textbook Co,; good condition
STORY OF THE GREAT WAR; 8vol.;1916; P.F.Collier & Sons
THE TEMPLE SHAKESPEARE; 27 vol; J.M.Dent & Co,Aldine House, London
WORKS OF RUDYARD KIPLING; 30 books 1908-1923; Charles Scribners Sons

New Orleans and South – For sale in the Fabulous Finds section

Author Title
Ambrose, Stephen & Douglas Brinkley The Mississippi
Cable, George W Bonadventure (1888)
Chandler, Joel Uncle Remus (1899)
Charnley, Mitchell Jean Lafitte: The Buccaneer (1934)
Collin, Rima & Richard New Orleans Cook Book
Garrison, Jim Star Spangled Contract
Historic New Orleans Collection Charting Louisiana: 500 Years of Maps
Louisiana Extension Homemakers Council Bicentennial Louisiana: Historic Sketches and Regional Recipes from the Parishes
Louisiana Writers Project (WPA) Louisiana: A Guide to the State (1941)
Richard, Lena New Orleans Cook Book (1940)
Walker, Jerry Jeff Gypsy Songman (autographed, 1st ed.)

Fabulous Finds – These rare or unusual titles will be for sale at the 2019 sale at wholesale prices

Author Title
A BlueJacket Pictorial Review of My Asiatic Service (photos of WWI ship and shipmates)
Automobile Club of Southern Californis National Old Trails Road
Bacot, H Parrott et. Al Marie Adrian Persac: Louisiana Artist
Bible, illustrated (pre-1846)
Bonbright, James Principles of Public Utility Rates
Codman La Leopolda
Cole, Rosa Berry Memories of By-Gone Days
Collier, Payne Poetical Decameron (1820)
Collier, Robert The Book of Life in 7 volumes (1925) autographed
Cooper, William & Keith Hindwood Portfolio of Australian Birds
Craig, Teruko Autobiography of Shibusawa Eiichi
Dalton How to Swim
Dore’, Gustave (illus), Harry, James Spence (trans.) Chateaubriand (1884)
Dumas, Alexandre Ange Pitou
Dumas, Alexandre (Fils) Lady of Camellias
Eames, Penelope Medieval Furniture
Gillis, James Love for a Lifetime: A guidebook for those who God has called to the married State
Govan, Christine Noble Narcissus an’ de Chillun (1938)
Grau, Shirley Ann Keepers of the House
Hare, Amory Deep Country
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Grandfather’s Chair
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Mosses from an Old Mass
Hawthorne, Nathaniel Twice-Told Tales
Hecht, Ben Child of the Century
Irving, Washington Irvings Works: (2 vols)  Alhambra (1891)
Jung, C. G. Red Book Liber Novus
Kenna, Michael Night Work
Llopis, Carlos Ruano Mi Tauromaguiq (1946)
Mankoff, Robert (ed.) Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker
Nicholson Above  Below Within
Nott Chinese Jade (1937)
Prieto, Carlos Adventures of a Cello
Reagan, Nancy To Love a Child (autographed, 1st printing)
Richards, Albert Secret Garden
Shackelford, Collins & Wende, F. J. Land of Christ Photographed
Shaw, Irwin Gentle People (1939)
Smith, George Gillman Smith Story of Georgia and the Georgia People
Stechishin, Savella Traditional Ukrainian Cookbok
Stefani, Giuseppe Insurance in Venice
Tallant, Robert Love and Mrs. Candy, signed
Touro Hospital Russell Edward Stone
Wible, David (ed.) Ceramic Art of Ah Leon
Williams, T. Harry Huey Long
Wilson, Gilbert Myths of the Red Children